Thursday, January 25, 2007

CD Review: Snow Day! by Eric Herman and the Invisible Band

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This is my first CD review and I have NOOO idea what I am doing so I am going to do the best that I can. Feedback from readers would be appreciated.

Who: Eric Herman and the Invisible Band. He sounds like a Disco/Electronic Yosi. I'd love to see a full band show sometime.
What: The CD Snow Day! Their third CD filled with 12 songs many have funny zinger at the end (like "Melony Ring" or "When I Grow Up".) The songs are different enough you won't find yourself feeling TRAPPED listening to the CD. There were two positive thinking songs, "No Big Deal" and "My Lucky Day", that I think are good for kids to hear. The album ends with two beautiful songs, "Hide and Seek With the Moon" and "This Little Light of Mine". I wish they weren't at the end of the CD.
Where: A great CD for the car or home. "Dance Like an Animal" would fit in at school or at a
Additional Positives: GREAT Liner notes...very comprehensive.
Aditional Positives: Compared to the previous CDs it seems like Eric is coming into his own now. The CD is very professional and he seems to have found his audience. I wish him the best of luck.
Things to grow on: I would probably put the songs in a different order and I'd love for him to write a few "Universal values" songs, like about sharing, caring, love, etc. I think that teaching these values to kids though song is a wonderful thing.

So in a nutshell I really like Snow Day! And my guess is you will too. If you're interested check him out at CDBaby.

Take Care,
Momma Daria

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Eric Herman said...

Daria, thank you so much for the kind words about Snow Day!. I'm glad you like the album and I am so glad that you have joined the ranks of the kids' music bloggers. My wife and I really love your spirit and enthusiasm.

I'm wondering, though, if you might have meant the Monkey Business liner notes... those were much more involved than the Snow Day! ones. We had planned for more on Snow Day! but had a delay and deadline for the artwork and had to rush together the liner for that.

Anyway, "no big deal" on that! :o)

As far as the CD sequencing, I should add that one of the first things I was told and observed when I started doing kids' music was to end with something mellow, so kids can wind down and parents and teachers don't get annoyed dealing with super charged up kids. That probably applies more for live shows and assemblies, but I think to some extent it's a good idea for kids' CDs as well. Heck, even 'adult' bands like U2 and Pearl Jam usually end with something mellow on their CDs. Anyway, that's why "Hide and Seek with the Moon" and "This Little Light" ended up at the end.

Thanks so much again!

Take care,