Sunday, December 31, 2006

WOW WHAT A GREAT DAY!!! (Yes I am shouting.. but in a good way)

Ok here is a teaser of what is coming this week... I spent this afternoon at a GREAT Kid's music concert. Robbie Schaefer (Yeah, the Eddie from Ohio guy) and his sons were at Jammin Java today for 2 shows. I even got to go on stage and have my own 15 minutes of fame. I am STILL giddy over it. In case you can't guess this will be a wonderful review and a taste of what his live shows are like so that you can decide before paying $10 to see him (OK I was pretty manic at the time so my review is VERY biased. BUT in my humble opinion, 10 Bucks was NOTHING and he was worth every PENNY.)

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