Friday, December 29, 2006

Where to begin?
Well how's this.... My daughter's first concert was when she was 6 weeks old. I had just bought our first Ralph's World CD and we had been listening to it constantly for days. Lesley had really bad colic and music was the only thing that helped calm her down. When I went to check out his website I saw he was doing a Kid's Show at IOTA in Arlington, VA. We didn't have any other plans so we went. She was dressed in a little Cubs outfit (because Ralph is from Chicago and a Cubs fan like my husband Todd). She got her first hand stamp which I joyful captured on (digital) film. And that day the obsession began. I realised I like this music as much (OK sometimes MORE) that my daughter did.
When Lesley was about 6 months old my husband bought me an XMRadio for our car. Lesley still loved music and I was wearing out all of our CDs. We thought XM would be a great place to "go". WOW was it ever. We loved the DJs (Kenny, Mindy, Jynx and now Dee) and I soon began calling and sending emails. With a name like Daria I am easy to remember. Soon I became Momma Daria and Lesley is known as Lesley Lou. Soon our family expanded to include Cassie Boo (our second daughter Cassandra Anne who passed away in 2005). Since we live in Northern VA, the XM Staff started to invite us to their amazing live recording studio to attend Rumpus Room concerts. We have seen so many awesome bands there. Imagination Movers, Justin Roberts, Trout Fishing in America, Rebecca Frezza to name a few.
But I still couldn't get enough Kid's music so we started attending shows at local fairs, bars, and coffee shops. I love talking to the musicians and giving them ideas of good venues to play. Most recently we have started going to National Geographic Live Family concert series. I was lucky enough to hook up with the guy who books the shows and he asks for my suggestions for who to bring (I like to think that I was at least partly the reason why Washington DC had it's first Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players FULL BAND SHOW).
So after thinking LOOOONGGG and hard and procrastination a whole lot I am ready to accept the challange and put fingers to keyboard and help you (yes, YOU) the parents of the world desperate for really GOOD kid's music find exactly what you are looking for.
And if you are a musician who would like me to review your CD please feel free to contact me.
So be prepared for my first review... coming shortly.


GBK Gwyneth said...

I hope it goes well! We love Ralph around here! Unfortunately, we missed seeing him in the Rumpus Room by a few days. Instead, we made it to see ScribbleMonster in the Rumpus Room that Friday and Ralph at NGLive on Saturday...

I think we will try to tune in tomorrow to at least get to hear the concert.

Eric Herman said...

Hi, Daria. Welcome to... THE BLOGOSPHERE! Where to send CDs, though, or where to contact you to ask where to send CDs? I don't see an e-mail address anywhere.

Take care,