Friday, March 2, 2007

CD Review: Play! Milkshake

album cover

Who: Milkshake This Baltimore band has hit the big time with the preschool set. They have videos on both Noggin and PBS Kids. They manage to provide fun, happy music that doesn't drive parents crazy.

What: The band's 3rd CD PLAY! which is jammed packed with 13 songs and three BONUS tracks from Discovery Kid's ToddWorld. That's 15 songs for those of you counting. The songs are so easy to sing you are chiming in before you are even finished listening the first time. From pirates, to baseball, to planting a garden, to being in a band... The variety in the tunes means this CD won't get old quickly.

Where: Perfect for long car rides because everyone can sing along and the songs don't get on your nerves.

Additional Positives: Baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. helps with a voice over on the Baseball song. How cool is THAT?

Things to grow on: Hummm. This one is really hard for me. Milkshake is doing a great job developing into a top notch kid's band. I see them getting their own imagination/music kids show some day. But in the meantime maybe they should try a polka? Everyone loves a polka RIGHT?

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